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Little terrors

The boys are now 2 years and 9 months old. Developmentally they may be experiencing delays but one thing that hasn’t been delayed any is the terrible 2 tantrums. Omg they can be epic and over the tiniest little thing. I have been told by other parents that with regards to tantrums the worst is yet to come but I don’t see how it could get any worse. Like, seriously!

We were car shopping st the weekend and in a moment of wisdom I decided that we didn’t need their pram. The boys love walking and can take our hands. In reference to one of my fav movies. ‘Big mistake, big, huge mistake’. It all started out so lovely. Hubby and I walking around car lot with a boy each hand in hand. Initially it felt great. Like yeah, we got this. We can be a normal family. Well it soon turned South and that’s when it felt like all hell broke lose. The boys were happy until we walked in a different direction than they wanted to go. Then the screams of the beginnings of tantrums began.

Both boys have this wonderful knack of just dropping to the floor whenever they don’t want to go your way. You might think well what’s the big deal in that? I’ll tell you. They are both over 2 stone each and when they fall they put their whole body weight behind it. Now recently Logan suffered from a pulled elbow otherwise known as toddler elbow. This is when the ulnar dislocates from the elbow. So we have to be very careful and make sure we take him by the opposite hand. Neither hubster or myself want him to go through that again so we have no choice but to let him go. Meaning he might end up head first onto the ground. Also due to my chronic back issues and my own arm and shoulder issues if I have a boy on my right arm I have no choice but to let go as my arm just isn’t strong enough to hold on and it leaves me looking like a monkey with right arm drooping low. Hubby just popped Logan on his shoulders. Job done. Baby happy no more screaming. However, I had Lewis and during one of his many escape attempts got away from me but was so concerned with looking back to see where I was ran head first into one of the cars for sale. My anxiety was high anyway and this Just put me over the edge. I was full of what if’s? What if the salesmen were moving cars around and he had gotten away from me he could have been knocked down? That was my main worry. So they were picked up and carried into the showroom where there was a seated area and a cafe. I had brought a bag of goodies just in case we needed to tame the ferocious beasts but we made an epic mistake. You know the one in horror movies were you shout at the screen and say don’t be so stupid! We decided to split up! Now looking back it’s funny. How could we make such a rookie mistake? So I stayed with boys in cafe as hubby had a wander outside. No amount of food juice or general goodies was gonna keep these 2 wild boys in one place. Who knew car showrooms echoed as much?

I was praying hubby would move his ass and get back quickly, of course it felt like a month had passed since I last seen him. He came back just as I had grabbed Logan and one of the salesmen had grabbed Lewis – yes they like to run in opposite directions and at the same time so it makes you need to split yourself in 2.

We casually left when hubby returned as if ‘yeah we were always leaving now’. Not the 2 little dictators have told us enough is enough and we have to leave that it actually was. Lol.

I feel immense guilt when I get upset with the boys for not being like other 2 year olds. Then again the boys aren’t your average 2 year olds and what is normal anyway?

I’m sure the wee bisims have given me a plethora of extra grey hairs this weekend. We didn’t even have a proper look st the cars but for the most part the boys had fun being the little terrors we love and adore.

Stay cool

Scottish Twin Mamma

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