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Twins sharing a cot.

Ok I’m on the hunt. As many of you know my husband completed tough mudder in 2015 and raised £2500 to buy a twin cot for the NICU in wishaw general. This cot was amazing and it has been scientifically proven to improve the health of the sicker twin when Both twins are placed back together.

What I want to know is have any you gorgeous lot had your twins in a shared cot whilst in hospital?

Do you know anyone who has? What are your thoughts on the shared cot?

Please get in touch.

Scottish Twin Mamma.

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  1. Stacey Rooney #

    We were lucky enough to have the use of the twin cot your husband raised the money for when pur girls arrived 8 weeks early in April 2016. The girls absolutely thrived since being put in together. We loved the twin cot. I understand they were planning to purchase another one, or they might already have. It made such a difference to us as parents too, to have them together and not needing to split our time.

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    December 20, 2017
    • When the boys were on different rooms never mind when they were in different hospitals it was just the worst. If I could have physically been in 2 places at once I would have been.
      I’m so glad you got to use the cot. How amazing is it? I loved the fact you could adjust the height to stand or sit. Hubby isn’t the fittest and when he called me to let me know it was done he actually cried he was in so much pain but he was determined to do it for the boys. That’s how he spent his first ever Father’s Day. Lol. At least it’s one he won’t forget. lol xxx


      December 22, 2017

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