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My Baby boys are now 3!!

Well in true dramatic fashion as my boys seem to have a niche for the curse of the birthday week happened. Each year including the year I was pregnant with then the week before 25th February has always had its downs before ultimately their ups.



image      The year they were born I pretty much spent the 5 weeks before their birth in hospital being told the foetus’ were not viable. A term I have come to detest! I remember shouting those foetus’ you keep saying very blasé that are ‘not viable’ are my babies! They are viable and you need to do everything in your power to save them! It was an epic meltdown on my part granted but I had waited 10 long years to be pregnant. In those 5 weeks I was home in my own bed maybe 1 or 2 nights a week before yet another complication took me to the maternity ward. I was in pain and fed up of fighting to keep my babies in as well as fighting one particular doctor to call my children babies or just stay away from me. I was told my tightenings were not contractions which meant no gas and air, it led to this overwhelming fear of what was going to happen when I actually was in labour. How was I going to cope if these ‘tightenings’ weren’t the real thing but were debilitating? Until of course I was examined and found to be 5cm dialated. Oh gas and air, my good old friend!!! The rest of that day as they say is history.


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On the run up to their 1st birthday I of course fell in the snow and suffered a bad break to my right humerus. (upper arm). I began to have flash backs of ‘this time last year’ etc. Lewis was admitted to the paediatric ward amidst fears of him having RSV. An extremely dangerous and life threatening infection in his lungs. Just as he got home from hospital I was admitted as I needed a metal rod and screws placed into my arm as it would not heal. The saga continued as the surgeon accidentally broke my elbow whilst jamming the metal rod down my arm. So the boys 1st birthday was spent with wee Lewis just being fed up and tired. I also had a lovely full length bright pink cast on my right arm.


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On the run up to their 2nd birthday the birthday week curse struck again. It was Logan’s turn to be the sick baby. Little did I know that this would last on and off for the full year. This would be when my chilled out placid wee guy became very clingy and demanding. Well wouldn’t you if you felt rotten most of the time and the only thing that made you feel better was mummy cuddles. Luckily though his temperature came down and he was for enough for his party at a local soft play.


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This year of course has been no exception. The curse run up to their 3rd birthday included Logan having a sickness bug, Lewis having an upset tum, mum having a swollen and very sore throat. The icing on the cake would be when Lewis decided he quite fancied a visit to where it all began 3 years ago. He fell whilst he and Logan were playing and split his head open. Resulting in butterfly stitches that he pulled at straight away so the doctor decided he would need his head glued. Which he also managed to pick off but the smart wee cookie decided to wait until everyone was asleep first so that no one could stop him. 😂😂.


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My gorgeous wee boys have been 3 for a week so far and I honestly can’t believe how far they have came. This is the ups from the birthday week curse, seeing how much you have grown. From tiny 1lb 7 and 1lb 11oz babies to 2 and a half stone toddlers. I remember the NICU journey vividly and it feels like Just the blink of an eye ago they were so tiny but my lion cubs are growing up into fighting warriors. They are courageous, loving, special and funny wee dudes that I love more than life itself.

Happy Birthday Lewis.


Happy Birthday Logan.




Mum is so proud of you Both and how far you have come. I can’t wait to see what you both will achieve in this coming year. I love 💖 you.

As always,

Stay cool.

Scottish Twin Mamma.








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