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Mummy wins vs Mummy fails

It was this time 3 years ago that my hubby and I announced our very long awaited pregnancy news and for it to be twin news we were just taken aback. I was very much at the stage where I never thought I would be lucky enough to become pregnant with 1 child and here we were announcing 2!

In my short time as a mum I have experienced my fair share of high five Mummy win moments and I have also experienced the epic mummy fails. These are all part of the journey to parenthood. Wins and fails alike should be celebrated pretty much because it shows at least we are trying. Ironically, it’s more likely to be the fails that allow us to bond with other parents with the mantra ‘there is no such thing as a perfect parent’.

On social media pages such as Facebook and Pinterest you will find the perfect parent brigade in their masses telling and showing us all of their Mary Poppins style ideas that they have done with their children already that day and it’s only 10am. Whereas, I’m very lucky if I have fed my boys and changed them out of their pj’s by that time in the morning. 😃 Sometimes though, their ideas just might work for us normal folk.

At the weekend I decided I wanted to do something different for my boys lunch rather than the mundane routine of our norm. I had seen a few different posts about chopping up hot dogs and spiking them with uncooked spaghetti. Well you would never believe it but it actually worked! I did mix in a little tomato ketchup so it wasn’t as dry but my boys loved it. I was met with a chorus of Yums and mmmmm’s as they were eating it. It sounds sad I know but usually with toddlers most of their food ends up on the floor. Not one bite of this simple lunch was spoiled. To say I was Well chuffed is a bit of an understatement. My husband even gave me a high 5! I took it, I didn’t know or care if there was a sarcastic undertone to it. I was and still am delighted.

Now for this one win I have had my share of fails, including the good old initiation of being peed, poohed or vomited on! Just the day before my epic 😃lunch idea the boys and I were attending a fellow twin mums boys birthday party. I was semi-prepared as I had bought the boys their cards presents and even wrapping paper. I’m a gift bag kinda gal but thought to myself ‘no, I’m gonna do it right’! Of course I did leave writing the cards and wrapping the presents until last minute which turns out to be another notch in my fail column. Most twin mums are disappointed if their twins share a birthday card, it personally does t bother me but can see their point. The children may be twins but they are 2 individuals and as such deserve to have their own card, after all they already have to share their birthday with each other. I bought the boys 2 matching cards. I didn’t initially pick up 2 identical cards then thought I’ll get them different cards but have a matching theme. So Both had peppa pig cards. Turns out I should have stuck with the 2 identical cards. We were already running late so no time to nip to shop and correct my mistake. Luckily for me my friend laughed and understood my mistake.

Even in my personal life I have experienced the wins and fails of life. Doesn’t all come down to whether you have kids or not. You can be a numpty whether you are a mum or not. Last week I had one such occasion where it started out a win, quickly turned into a painful fail but then turned itself around into a win again. I thought to myself since I was going back to work I would put on a charcoal face mask and use the charcoal powder to whiten my teeth. I did not know the face mask is only supposed to be used on the t-zone area! So during a live Facebook broadcast I took the mask off and let’s just say I’m lucky I have any eyebrows left! Positive though is my skin looked amazing.

Life is all taken very seriously nowadays. We should celebrate the little things and laugh at the failures. At the end of the day it is through our failures we learn and become a better person. Let me know what wins or fails you have experienced. It might just make one person feel better about their day.

Stay Cool

Scottish Twin Mamma


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