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It has been a few months since I wrote my last blog about the boys. Tbh I have been really struggling with my mood and keeping my game face on. Took a while to realise it just isn’t possible to do it all, so prioritising the boys and work I took the spare moments I would usually use for writing my blog to just have 5 mins, Practice my Soothing Rhythm Breathing and attempt to be less critical of myself in the process. I have been using the website and I have found it to be a massive tool I have used to help me remain calm and grounded.

The boys have been full of mischief as usual. Out of the 4 places on offer for special education nursery provision in North Lanarkshire my boys were very lucky and were allocated a morning space each. They start Clydeview Nursery in Motherwell in August and will be there for 2 years until they start primary school. I am hoping this will be the game changer in their development progress. Already since May I have seen such a difference in not only Lewis’ speech development but also Logan’s. it is so so cute hearing Lewis shout ‘again’ or ‘my turn’, in the morning waking up to Logan shouting ‘ewis where are you?’

North Lanarkshire council aiming to take more services away?

Just received this through the door for Both my boys. As we are 1.3 miles away from the primary school this will directly effect us. To say I’m angry is an understatement. What are our taxes actually used for??? It seems to me that North Lanarkshire Council are all about reducing their costs so they can pocket even more money for themselves through wages and expense accounts. It is absolutely disgusting. Due to fraudulent behaviour from these fat cats to sit in offices and dictate how to take even more things from the poor poverty stricken working class! It was due to this stealing behaviour all baby rooms in North Lanarkshire are due to be closed in December!!! To the detriment of children who rely on and require these services! My boys being 2 of the babies who needed this service since they were 11 months old and if it hadn’t been for the caring and hardworking staff of the Nursery then their development wouldn’t be at the level it is and I would most likely be an inpatient!

Please let me know if any of what I have said is inaccurate but this is all true to my knowledge at present.

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